What Goes Around Comes Around

Just because someone desires you, it doesn’t mean they value you as well!

The foremost reason behind the guys who use girls for their selfish reasons and demands, is that they are childish and they always behave like a mediocre teenager who easily gets too happy and too sad and lives a full on dramatic life. Well, he just wants to use you just for his sake of happiness and he doesn’t care about any emotions of yours that’s too childish right?…

Always living in a world of fantasy makes it more severe. See love is all about giving and not about taking back for your selfish concerns, but trust me you will never know if love is right or wrong if it happens with the very wrong person because in case love happens with the wrong person we say love is bullshit, but if it happens with a right person whom we later on marry and with whom everything is going fantastic so we say love is so good Ya!

Of course love is beautiful that’s why people all over the world do it with their loved ones…but majority of them destroy the beautiful essence of love due to their selfish goals that makes people hate even the word ‘LOVE’. That’s the point because after 10 bad breakups also if one person finds a real good person in his/her life who can always guide you if you are on wrong path, whom you think about when you are in some sort of major trouble, whom you care and miss if baat na hopaye not because it’s attraction and that person is attractive for everyone but because even a subtle conversation makes your day complete. A person who truly loves you will never take you on the wrong path ,will never force u ,will always understand you and will always respect you no matter what, but trust me you will always care for each other and trust each other right?…

You both will have a telepathic mindset with each other that will help you both understand each other without communicating..! Two people may have different liking ,different choices ,different things, different habits but that is what makes them both complete right? That’s where love with real maturity exists..! Except these all above things everything in name of love is fake, void, null and of existence because that’s the purest form of love right?

Love’s beautiful and you know when you experience it. It’s different for each and everyone, so unique
And only when we experience it with the person who has the same beat in our heart as we have we fall in love again ❤


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