Wear Your Kind of Heels

High heels!!! The term which attracts a chunk of female population. Choosing your kind of heels can be bizarre sometimes. Not everyone is comfortable in walking and pumping up those heels. People prefer flats or shoes because they are scared of falling off in heels. Heels are the most preferred accessories when you want to look sizzling as well as glamorous and also pairs up with many of your outfits. Whether it’s a gown, one piece, jumpsuit or even a beautiful outfit which you’re not sure about, heels are the perfect topnotch you could rely upon. But believe me some heels are more comfortable and easy than your flats which will surely keep fashion and comfort on the same level.

What gave me the idea to write this blog is seeing those who wear high heels but fail to make an impression because of the uncomfort it provides to them. Problem with the rat race is that even if you win the race u still remain a rat. Come out of your comfort zone if needed but dont copy others to achieve anything in terms of apperance,beauty ,style or anything maybe you can do better.

  1. Wearing your kind of heel is the most important aspect one should consider before buying it. Some heels provide pain more than comfort and makes it real hard for you to walk through the path. Considering the fact, you should always ensure you buy your size from your hardcore favorite brand. Style is effortless when you are willing to wear your favourite accessories which can pull off any outfit
  2. On the off chance that you begin to look at those gorgeous stiletto but later on realise that the 5 inch stiletto will play destruction with your feet, don’t just freeze. Shoe repair shops ought to have the capacity to abbreviate the height of your heel’s sole areas up to one inch contingent upon the shoe write to make them more agreeable.
  3. Practising walking them in a pair of socks indoors can be an aid in most of the cases, which can stretch all those areas which might pinch your feet later on.
  4. Additionally, using moleskin for lining up your shoes can help in avoiding blisters which later on create a havoc in walking up your heels.
  5. In the event that the balls of your feet are your fundamental issue, sticky gel embeds that pad in that area will work ponders. Go for a full embed if your shoes are somewhat too large as these will generally issue the zone for your feet.

Hope y’ll enjoy reading my blog post. Did you find some great strategies of your own to make those gorgeous pair of stiletto easy and comfortable? Then comment below.

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