The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind

In today’s world we students of this generation are young I agree but it’s not like we are not mature right
But this is not the reason why I am writing this article. No, it is not to clarify my standpoint on this article.

The reason why I am writing this article is help those of you who have not yet got the chance to spend time with themselves.

So see its like…

Law of Belief says that whatever you believe… manifests itself. Belief is an idea or a statement accepted as true. When you hear something or see something and accept that consciously over and over again it becomes your belief. This is how all of your beliefs are formed.

Our beliefs reside in our subconscious mind. Whatever statement, suggestion or fact we accept over and over again, it slowly begins to get stored in our subconscious mind. Now, the subconscious mind is what defines our life. It is the control panel and controls everything that happens in and around our lives

Your subconscious mind is the creator of your life. Your life is a mirror image of what happening in your subconscious mind. Whatever you are today is because of the self images you had stored in your subconscious mind in the past. Your subconscious mind is the store house of all what has happened to you in the past and on the basis of past beliefs and it also defines what will happen to you in future. The look, shape and feel of your future life is dependent upon the look, feel and shape of your present beliefs

In short your subconscious mind does not understand what is good or bad for you but what it sees again and again it behaves according to that only
For instance if my breakup has happened but still i am looking at my ex pic again and again whom i loved very much i am giving affirmations to my subconscious mind that i don’t want to forget this person but in my conscious mind i know what this person did with me so i want to forget this person so there is like a tug of war in my brain and my subconscious mind wins
Now if u try to understand this concept deeply u will get to know this can happen in our studies,career decisions and while taking many decisions in our life

Our beliefs take shape in 3 different ways and I’ll touch upon all 3 one by one.

1. Other’s suggestions:

The moment a person takes wrong decision in his/her life
he hears below statements repeatedly from his friends, relatives and other family members.

a) I told are not mature enough to take decisions.
b)You will regret your decision. It is very easy to enter in this course but very difficult to come out with a degree.
c)If you would have listened to me the worst won’t happen etc etc

These statements completely destroy once confidence

Now what happens is, repeated exposure to such statements and thought patterns begins to take root and the person who was positive with his decisions even they were wrong or right does not matter starts questioning their decision making abilities as sometimes there is only a hope which is left inside a person which can completely be destroyed like we “doobte ko tinke ka sahara and tumne wo bhi cheen liya”
These statements do this to a person which is very unfortunate how our close ones unconsciously do this to us…!

Like if I enter a difficult course or starts a new business I will be filled with a n negative beliefs about this course or business. Such negative beliefs and negative images about the Course , business or anything get stored in the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind then begins to transmute such beliefs into reality. 

2. Own acceptance: when a student hear suggestions like these very often, he makes the mistake of accepting them as true. This acceptance permanently fixes up the negative image about their decision Moreover, such student repeats these statements to his friends and other fellow students. Such repeated affirmations further do all the damage as far as having beliefs about their career is concerned

 3. Environmental images: Such images also make a deep impact on a student’s subconscious mind and permanently strengthen negative beliefs about their decisons

a. Students sitting alongside in libraries and coaching classes are all giving their best to grab the best college but nothing is happening 

b. Social media is filled with all sorts of negative influences .

c. News paper and other forms of media regularly publish reports that lesser and lesser number of students are getting good colleges and there is so much of unemployment.The above 3 factors combined, permanently places the belief firmly in the subconscious mind that they can’t do anything good in their life as there is so much negative energy around them and negative people with negative statements just because it’s difficult for them to do the same in their life
Remember, your life is but an image of what happening inside. Whenever you don’t get the right results, understand that something somewhere is wrong in the subconscious mind because your outward life events are just the mirror images of what is happening is the inward subconscious mind.

You prepare well and think very positive consciously about the result but it doesn’t happen. You fail again. You see, beliefs aren’t formed overnight. It is the images that you’ve stored in the subconscious mind over a period of time that controls how your life would be in reality. Thinking positively in a day or two has absolute no effect on the subconscious beliefs.

Now the question is – What is the remedy to this? How to get the desired results? How to reprogram our beliefs and eventually the subconscious images? The answer to this question is very simple. We must take the same road that took us here to get of here as well. If beliefs are formed by the above mentioned 3 ways then we must use the same 3 channels to get it right as well. How? Here is the answer how.

1. Other’s suggestion: Never, and I repeat never entertain or accept any thought pattern that suggests
that your decisions is wroong,what you are doing is difficult and you will not be able to achieve something

Another very useful suggestion is to create group of friends wherein everyone would talk positive about you,your career..!

2) Own Acceptance: it is important not the let any negative suggestions enter your mind and it is very important not to talk bad or negative about your course,career to your fellow friends. How you do self dialogue is very important.

I would give a couple of very useful suggestions that can do wonder to your life.

1) – I am _. I want to be______. I will be very successful in life. I will achieve everything what i want for my self and my dear ones..!
Now if you repeat this again and again you are transferring positive vibes in your subconscious mind achieving what you want..!

2)Record your own voice in your mobile saying something like above as i mentioned

3. Environmental images: There is not much that you can do to change the environmental images that come your way but there is a landmark finding that can help you greatly. The finding is that your subconscious mind cannot differentiate between what is imaginary and what is real. It accepts imaginary images just as it would accept real life images. If you close your eyes and see with your mind’s eye i.e. imagine some positive images and do it regularly then slowly but surely it begins to get stored in the subconscious mind. See the picture of yourself as taking the degree in the convocation ceremony. Imagine yourself writing on your Facebook wall that you are a ____ now…! and you have achieved your dream.
Such self images are immensely powerful and if you see the same image regularly it gets stored in the subconscious and once it reaches your subconscious it begins to manifest itself. Then nothing can stop the picture to become a reality of your life.

I’d like to quote what Napolean Hill had once said, “Man may become the master of himself because he has the power to influence his own subconscious mind.” So, are you ready to become the master of your life or you would still prefer to remain a byproduct of your environment?

Friends with this I end this article but I hope that you would have got the insight that I wanted to give to you. If you like this article do let me know your thoughts by commenting below


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