The Darker Shade Of You

Everyone has an inner kid and an egoist elder person inside us. And this is a transition when we can’t figure out, should we think from our “child phase” or from our “adult phase”. And you know what both are very important. Some decisions are to be made from the inner you and you have to choose from the “younger you” or the “elder you” and mostly that is subjective but I won’t go into that. 😛

If someone says “Subjective topic” I mostly say “Bye Bye” cause it becomes a fight after some time xD

So, in this transitional phase you might need a helping hand which lets you go through that phase or you might do it on your own. Because it might sound dark or something but the Child inside you is almost gonna die and the Adulthood which just caught fire will be resurrected, Lazarus.
Sometimes people can’t go through this phase of the child dying inside them so they literally commit the darkest of things, “Suicide”. 

Save yourself people.

It’s not like a wear Helmet and Seat Belt advertisement, where I am asking you to stop dying. 

I am just saying whoever is reading this till now or watching this(my dream) :P.

Don’t kill yourself people .

It’s just your “Child you” dying inside.

Don’t worry, you will be resurrected.

Stay healthy and stay safe..

And btw as Sachin Tendulkar said wear helmet on the back also. Seatbelts…pause… I don’t even wear them every time. 

Goodnight Peeepoool….


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