Redemption Of Equanimity

Here I am standing
In the middle of meadows
Everything is so haunting
Except the playing kids
I can see a tree
And a blue man
Both stand free
But so pale and wan
Tree demands of some fruits to bear
Man demands some support and peace
Both have their demands so clear
But truth to face this is the season of breeze
The tree withers away
The blue man just lays
Tree is standing
Man is chanting
He embraced the Tree with his hands
He weeps and weeps
No one to listens to them
Total silence around
But there was a phantom
Inspecting and on a round
As the day falls
Breezes start to blow
Man still weeps and walks
Without realizing just goes with the flow
Then feels a cold hand
Over him like a magic wand
Hands of positivity
Or what they call as God
He thinks and feels guilt
He could have sown a pod
Energy vibes from everywhere flowing around
Now let him overcome from woes
With some planning lays on the ground
Touches his toes
Screams why to weep
Why am I so weak
Just Run Run and Run
The time will never be right
A new day begins with a new sun
The man feels short in front of his shadow in the morning light
Realizing something starts to pun
If shadow depends on the sun
What if my success depends on my will
Lets begin with things I find fun
Have to climb this hill
Inspired with a rill
Never to stop and never to look back
And working in full throttle without any lack
Forgetting the past
As it doesn’t last
Presence of phantom not realized
But brought a feeling of fear inside
Fear let him think
Of being an old man filled with regret
Waiting to die alone
He came out of his mental state of depression
And now saw only his goal and ambition
It took his whole night
But made him realize
And now this man went all thy long
Without miss leading or going wrong
The season of spring arrived
Blossoming the tree
Seeing the tree the man cried
“Oh.. It was a part of life”
I now have something to strive
There was one thing in common
The state of their hidden demon
Now every week he visits those meadows
Sees the charming kids
And just stares at the tree blossom
The tree stares back
Both have their wishes crack
Then both stayed happy even at the time of depression
As they realized
It was a phase that crossed and fetched relaxation
With success and satisfaction.


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