Nominated for the LIEBSTER award

Very much excited to receive the Liebster award for my work from Rajiwriteshere, you guys can go checkout her blog on

This award is given to new bloggers for the acknowledgement of their work, and I am very much pleased that I got it. A blogger has to answer few questions about himself/herself when he/she is given this award.



And here are few questions, which I am supposed to answer-


 Ques 1. How did you discover blogging is for you?


Answer- There’s nothing more you can get once you get a platform, where you can share your ideas,

thoughts and views. To reach out to a wider audience with my thoughts and perceptions, I

started blogging and that’s how I discovered it.


Ques 2. What is your favorite read so far?


Answer- I am passionate about reading travel diaries, articles and blogs on motivation, inspiration and

autobiographies are what inspires me the best.



Ques 3. What are the 3 tips you can give a new blogger?


Answer- 1- One should be passionate and persistent about blogging. Don’t ever lose hope on yourself.

2-Be consistent in your work, blogging regularly can be a pro.

3- Your content should be purely authentic, and it shouldn’t be plagiarized from any source.



Ques 4. Tell us about your first blog?


Answer- My first blog post had been about my mesmerizing trip to Nainital. A place known for its

enchanting beauty and charismatic weather. You guys can check out my blog on .


And now I would like to nominate some bloggers for the Liebster award-


Jessica Stam                                         Foodybeautyandbooty


Agrima Raina                                        Fashionandfitness


Emma Rich                                            Missrichfashion


Christoph Mauer                                   Trendablaze


Gabriela Borzani Maxfield                  Preciselyme


Ashley Horstmeier                                Expaticlife




Questions for my Nominees-


  • What inspired you to be a blogger?


  • Which is your favourite blog post?


  • What’s the best feedback that you have ever gotten on your blog post?


  • Blogging mistakes that one should avoid?



I hope you guys enjoyed reading my blog, and your valuable comments will be appreciated.

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