Mantras for reducing stress

Hey everyone out there!

In this blog, I’ll talk about how to deal with stress which is obstructing our daily activities. Most of you have heard about that key to happiness is all about managing stress, but how many of you actually imply these solutions on a daily basis.


We are a generation of busy bees, and due to our busy schedule, we don’t get ‘OUR OWN TIME’, because of our prior engagements about our work, studies, social life and even a lot more.


Causes of stress may include disappointments in our environments. Being accepted in any kind of environment is a major cause of stress in most of us, which also include being pressurized by our superiors in the work environment. We face such circumstances in which we forcefully have to take decisions which are against our aspiration under work-life pressure, family pressure, societal pressure and what not.  So, what we can do to combat stress and achieve a certain stability in our lives?


STRESS, only a 6-letter word and shackles our happiness a lot! It is often heard that stress kills many neurons which result in a premature aging, free radicles are frequently released by the brain which in return kill brain cells. It hampers the production of new brain cells too.

Well yes! There are so many ways to combat stress and adopting the following changes in our lifestyle, can be a triumph. We cannot eradicate it entirely but surely, we can adopt multiple changes in our lifestyle, that can help us reduce it.


  1. Meditate frequently:

The one I believe would be the most appropriate for managing stress and helpful in studies, since stress is concerned with overthinking. Excessive thinking affects the brain cells and hampers the growth of. It’s not a habit, but something which is very dreadful.

Life is short and we cannot afford to have such a frightful thing. I would recommend meditating twice daily for 10 minutes to induce a healthy lifestyle.

It also helps in increasing self-awareness, acceptance which thereby results in increased confidence and slows aging.


  1. Take a day out:

Taking a one-day break from your daily routine and doing something exciting or sporty, be it a day off for your favorite activities like singing, painting, music, dance or an adventure day to freshen up your mind.

It is said that if you want to stay happy, doing something sporty at least once in 2 weeks may release serotonin, which is a happiness hormone and most probably will make you feel good and also increases your productivity.  


  1. Go on:

Stop taking things seriously, because in a long run, things will eventually change and turn in your favor, and to bring the most of it start accepting those things. One cannot change everything if he/she isn’t satisfied but can opt for a healthy regime by maintaining a strong mental health.

And who cares if you aren’t doing things in their favor, who are they to judge you?? No one right. Nonetheless, the same goes for ones who are not able to achieve what they want to. Before that think twice if you really want that thing or not or it’s just a part of your ego or obsession. A successful person doesn’t wait for the right things to happen, he studies and analyses where things are going wrong and then make things happen.


  1. Eat properly:

Gradually as I read more articles on stress, I got to know about the various disadvantages of not eating properly, certainly one of them which you cannot afford to have is being forgetful, i.e., easily forgetting the things. So, eating properly is one of the most important things you ought to do.


By applying these mantras on a daily basis, we can eliminate stress properly from our lives and I hope you guys enjoyed reading my blog.


Thanks all!


  1. Hello, I agree with your tips, I also practice journaling. I find that writing down my whys and whats helps me manage my expectations and reduce stress. Thank you for the nice article.

  2. Yaah truly said stress cannot be completely eliminated from our life’s but we can use different ways to reduce stress . And meditation is one of best way to come out from stress . I regret not meditating often .it has a vast scope in our life . Thank u for sharing this beautiful blog . It really helped me a lot 😍

  3. I know that when I stressed I don’t eat much at all, I know others like to eat when they’re stressed but I’m the opposite. I feel like I’m too busy to even stop and eat – so I agree that eating properly is something that you NEED to do when you’re stressed out cause you’ll feel so much better.

    I also wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award! You can check it out here: 🙂

    Rae //

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