How to travel solo/Travel tips

Traveling is a much-loved leisure for many people but solo travelling can add an amazing experience to your journey. Everyone loves travelling to new places and explore new things. Travelling alone can be great sometimes but when you travel solo, you have to keep mind some vital things. Being a wanderlust, I love travelling to new places every now and then, and thought to share a few tips with you people of travelling alone.

For all the travel bloggers, out there or even if you love travelling alone then these tips are for you to keep in mind before you travel solo.


So, without any further delay I’ll begun now.


  1. Plan your budget efficiently– One of the most important thing is planning your budget accordingly, sometimes we are short of cash, when we really want to spend it.


  1. Time management– Oh no! I am late for my flight. This is an obvious thing and apparently, we have no control over time but still we do give our best in doing so. Packing up suitcases is a time-consuming thing, and the real struggle lies in that. Everything ranging from your flight schedule to transportation depends on how effectively you can manage time. Even a delay of 3-5 minutes can land you in trouble.


  1. Carry your medicines– You should always carry your personal medical kit with you, it’s not necessary that you will get your preferred medicines wherever you travel.


  1. Phone signals out of coverage- It’s often that whenever you travel to remote places, your phone signals won’t be effective and it will have problems in catching-up the networks. It is advisable that you should always carry a mobile phone booster when you travel to isolated locations which would for sure help you in emergency cases.


  1. Struggling with Low battery? – Yes, it is obvious that we cannot find a plug socket everywhere we travel, so the best thing which you can do here is carrying a power bank or a recharger with you, which is a portable and mobile and you can use it anywhere.


  1. Misplaced your passport? – Travelling brings amazing memories to us, but we should take special care of our personal belongings too. If our documents or passport gets lost then we can be in great trouble by that country’s immigration authority.


  1. Keep in touch with the hotel/resort reception- Whenever you leave your room to go out, always inform the hotel staff of your journey, and always ask them the directions of the safest routes and the shortcuts to your destination.


  1. Always carry money in plastic cards- Avoid carry money in physical forms, since it has the highest risk of being robbed. Further it is advisable, to carry it in cards and always go for online payments as it is one of the safest options during travelling to abroad or any place across country.


  1. Whenever it’s dark, use transports- I believe walking alone on roads at night is something very special but you need to take special care whenever you are travelling to some other place, thus is it sagacious to take a transport and travel with those routes which aren’t remote and are filled with people or communities.


  1. Learning local language- It’s not necessary that wherever we travel, people would be knowing our language. Having a slight knowledge about the local language can be a pro and will help you to communicate with them easily without any troubles. Or Google language converter is the best way out you can have in here.


I hope you guys enjoyed reading my blog and got some basic important tips while travelling solo. Whenever you travel remember these basic tips that will help you a lot during your journey and make your journey most memorable without being problematic and do comment if you have something to add. Your valuable comments and feedback are important to us.


  1. Traveling alone is always fun were you have freedom to do what ever you want to . I love to travel alone and explore new place’s across the globe . Thanks for this beautiful blog and the points are really helpful Nice blog 😍

  2. I have always admired people who travel alone. I have only ever had a taste of it and it was a very magical and empowering feeling. You have equipped your readers with a great list and something to think about. Great post!

  3. I love traveling alone or traveling with someone. Traveling alone for the first time is scary and can be overwhelming. Your list is thorough and really informative. Thanks for sharing

  4. I love to travel solo. And I totally understand & can appreciate your tips. It is hard when your phone doesn’t work in another country especially when we have become so reliant upon Wi-Fi GPS and social media for traveling.

  5. I’ve never thought of keeping in touch the hotel while I am traveling. They know the area best. I also can’t agree more with the portable power bank. That has been useful so many times!

  6. Great post! I’m a big fan of traveling on your own. It gives you a totally different perspective on yourself and your environment. It makes me so happy to hear other women feel the same. Keep up the good work!

  7. These are amazing tips ! Whenever I travel alone, I make small scale photocopies of every important document that I have, phone numbers, credit cards, embassy address, passport (that one I get notarized) and then I fold them an place them inside those little pockets. So even if allll of my things get stolen,I am not completely lost.

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