Breakups, Patchups, Heartbreaks- That’s life? -Well there’s more to that. Life is god gifted, it is beautiful yet unpredictable. If at times you have enjoyed life to its fullest, there will also be times when you are let down with negativity and embarrassing situations in life. We all go through hard times, no matter however you are satisfied, everyone encounters the most difficult situations in their lives. Surroundings play an important role in a person’s life. On a daily basis, we meet a lot of people, including negative ones.

Most difficult situations may be different and it vary from people to people, some may get affected by one and some by the other it occurs due to the change in person’s behavior, attitude and thinking process. It’s a fact that positive people are drawn towards positive energy; negative thoughts leads to negative energy, which leads to a drastic impact on a person’s lifestyle. Negative emotions give rise to negative reactions like anger, anxiety, and depression that lead to change in person’s mindset. Nowadays people face numerous negative situations that give rise to negativity and downfall of positive thoughts.

  • Lack of support in your old age – Old age- The age of glory. Time, when you are almost done with all of your moral responsibilities. Parents spend their whole life working for their children. They do all that they can to secure future of their children. Instead of this what happens most of the times  when the parents grow older, children run away from their responsibilities and treat their parents as a liability in their life.  Can you imagine how it feels to be treated in this manner well?  Feels bad right?


  • Unacceptability at work places- Individuals are often affected by unacceptable and rude behaviour of their colleagues, batchmates and in most of the cases their superiors. Harrassment is happening at every alternative corner, it’s is easy yet difficult to recall when our feelings are bursting with outrage, disappointment, defenselessness, or perplexity over the activities of another, who we need to mark as idiotic, shaky, threatening, sub-par, hopeless, or other negative shading.
  • Divorce– Well this has been one of the most common situations in everyone’s life. It may occur due to lack of mutual understanding or love. Sometimes over the years of marriage people seem to realize that their marraige, which they assumed would last longer, is not working anymore, which leads to this decision. Hence, dealing with it is another difficult situation in a person’s life.


  • Break up – Sudden break up leads to depression and stressful life to mental trauma, which situation mostly occurs in the lives of youngsters. Often it happens that a certain relationship does not work and comes to an end which is tagged as a ‘BREAK UP’. Cases are also such that one of the partners dump the other or cheat upon each other, which is usually a worst situation. You have been in love with someone and all of a sudden it comes to an abrupt end. You can’t help crying your eyes out in such times having to face such type of situation leads to awful experience.
  • Losing self-confidence – There might come a time in a person’s life when due to some difficulties or problems that an individual face, they usually give up at an initial stage and self-confidence vanishes away d This is another one of the difficult situations of life that person lose all ability to face the world. This may be due to any major circumstances where he or she are forced to give up on self-esteem. Losing self-confidence is the lack of belief in yourself. Once a person loses it, it becomes tough to come out from it and be lead a normal life. Everyone experiences it. Always remember nothing goes on forever so you need to start a fresh chapter in your life and instead follow the path of glory and achievements.


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